Air Vibrator
for match plate molding

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Here is a drawing for a pattern for casting the body of a ball-bearing air actuated vibrator for attaching to match plates for sand casting. It is a simple design, works well and is self cleaning.

RIGHT CLICK on the drawing above to download it in PDF format.

I made this vibrator using the lost foam technique. I use an inexpensive blow gun for the actuator. Just actuate until the cope clears the pattern, then again while the patter clears the drag.
Aluminum holds up fine for the casting. It will be about a million years before you wear it out!
You can alter the dimensions to suit what you have or make it bigger or smaller.
Right click here to download the dimensioned drawing in PDF format.

I discovered that a tangent air jet is less efficent than one that aims more at the center of the ball. Drill and tap the 1/8 NPT first. Put the 1/16 drill into the center of the hole and lean it over until it just about touches the edge of the taped hole and drill through. The brass rod in the photo shows the general idea.