The Copper Head

The ePup a 10/22 bullpup using the JHS eTrigger.

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This 10/22 based bullpup is the result of a joint project between myself and Jesse Hart Shaver (BulZi) on the Rimfire Central Forums.
I had a problem with my Bully Barrels fitting early Smith & Wesson Model 41's and Jesse helped me with that.
I hade a full machine shop and Jesse had a design for an electric trigger for the 10/22 and needed prototypes made.
That is how we met and we hit it off and now are good friends.

My intention was to make one working trigger, but my habit is to always start two as there is always an learning curve.
Any errors you make on the first one can be avoided on the second one and it comes out just right.
Well, both turned out to be usable and Jesse built up one for me.

Since Jesse's plan was to make a superior bullpup, the next step was to get him to design it so I could make it.
There were challenges all along the way, buy they were overcome one at a time and the two finished ePups turned out excellent!
Not only are they quite accurate, the ballance is surprising good. And, it is a hoot to shoot!

The eTrigger.

The first challenge was to make a rifle that had a legal length barrel (16") and be of overall legal length (26").
I couldn't find a commercial barrel that fit our needs,
so I bought a Green Mountain stainless steel blank from Brownells and turned it down.

While the eTrigger has its own switch, the ePup needed a forward trigger and switch.
The pistol grip mount will accept any AR15 grip.
The entire assembly dovetails into the lower housing and allows for adjusting the length of pull.

In the white with original barrel profile and original buttplate.
The scope is too low and a Picatinny riser was ordered.

After some initial testing (read fun!), while waiting for the riser to arrive, I shortened the barrel a little (still legal) and turned it for a match rifle front sight.
I mounted an apperature sighs, both borrowed of my AR15 space gun. It shot as expected using iron sights.

In the 10/22 the receiver keeps the trigger pins in place. Two of these pins are exposed in the ePup so pockets were cut and "E" rings keep the pins from getting lost.

When it was time to anodize the beast, I gave it a cross-hatch finish with a file.
The finished job came out very nice. The orange dye gave it a nice copper color.
I call it the CopperHead.