Fusion Melting Furnace

Project started November 23, 2007
Updated 17 Nov. 2008
© Copyright 2007-2008 Ray and Ruby Brandes. All Rights Reserved

16 Nov. 2008
A few lessons were learned from the experiment of Nov. 11.
I added a wind skirt around the bottom to try to lessen the drafts from the breeze.

I also added a perminent shelf for the water can.

The new setup is light enough to carry with one hand with no water and the furnace and crucible removed.

Here is a view of the hot spot via the secondary mirror.

I remelted the ingot from the 11th in about 45 minutes, 4lbs. 9oz.
Then some scrap was melted producing an ingot of 7lbs. 3 oz. in about the same amount of time.
A therometer through the insulation at the top of the furnace registered almost 500F.

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Cost to date.