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  1. Most parts are wood. I used oak.
  2. CL-03 Case guides were made from steel band strapping. Clamp to CL-02, Guide Back, test with cases for easy sliding fit, then screw down. Use flush flat head screws on the lower near side to clear the pusher finger.
  3. The Rocker (OCL-03) is pivoted through the hole in the bottom of the Support (CL-01). The screw extends out the rear and a spring around the screw is used to keep the rocker against the support.
  4. Mount the clip holders (CL-5 & 5A) to the Rocker (CL-04). Position them useing a loaded clip as the clip expands a little when the rounds are pushed in. Some adjustment here is good so the clips don't bind going in or out.
  5. I will add more notes as they come to mind.